Quilting Design Basics

rag quiltQuilts become more interesting if there are quilting designs integrated into the finished product. Stitched either by machine or by hand, it can add texture and interest creating the correct finishing touch for your hobby.  According to quilting retreat Brainerd MN specialists, once the pieces are finished to create a quilt top, it is layered with batting and backing fabric to hold the whole quilt sandwich by stitching through the three layers.  Some quilters prefer a random design called stippling while others want to integrate more focused elements like feathers, flowers and other common motifs. Another option would be to follow the shapes of the quilt pieces either by quilting along the seam lies also known as “stitching in the ditch” or by quilting inside the shape, about a fourth from the seam.


Piece backing fabric as necessary so that you have a whole piece of cloth that is about 3 inches longer on each side than your quilt top. Next, spread out the backing fabric on a big, flat surface with the print side of the fabric touching the surface and then the other side facing you. Make sure that you spread the layer of quilt batting and then finish the quilt sandwich by placing your finished quilt top on the batting.

Craft retreat Alexandria MN specialists recommend that you use contrasting thread and large stitches in order to baste the quilt layers together. This will prevent it from slipping when you begin your design. Alternatively, you can use an adhesive spray available in most quilt and craft supply shops for this purpose.

Quilt the Design

Once you are done marking the design on the quilt you can then proceed to quilt the design using a short quilters’ needle and thread. Use tiny stitches along the marked lines to quilt through the layers. If you prefer a machine-quilt, use thread that is specific for this purpose.  For people using a regular sawing machine be sure to drop the feed dog and use a walking foot as recommended.

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Speech Ideas for Toastmaster Meetings

One of the most important skills that one needs to master if one wants to succeed in business and politics is public speaking.  Similar to other organizations like Growth Partners International, Toastmasters is an organization that aims to help people develop confidence and skills.   If you are interested to become a member of Toastmasters you will have to give what is called an ice breaker speech. Here are some ideas for you to consider.

Adventure Time

If you had an interesting adventure lately, you could structure your ice breaker speech around that experience. It could be an interesting trip abroad, a hike or a given time in your life like the time you volunteered to do work for a charity program outside the country. The main advantage of giving out an adventure story is that it is bound to spark interest to the audience. Make sure to tell it in a chronological manner. Begin with the start of the adventure and a bit of background to it like why you embarked on it in the first place, continue with the highlights of the trip and then finish with the most interesting experience you had, what you learned and how it changed your life.

Obsession Story

Another ice breaker speech idea to give during a Toastmasters meeting is an obsession story. This could be a passionate activity that takes most of your time or it could even be something that you have not yet experienced but want to in the future.  The point of the obsession story is why a particular activity is so close to you. The fact that something is very dear to your heart means that telling it would be quite easy and your descriptions of it may entice even the audience to like your activity as well.

Family Traditions

Almost every family has their own unique tradition passed down from generation to generation. Talk about grandma’s stories or granddad’s fishing adventures during summers.  The point is to tell a story in such a way that it will strike a chord in your audience.  If you want to play it safe, this is the topic for you to begin with.








How to Prevent Garage Door Opener Vibrations

The vibrations in a typical garage door opener most of the time results in an annoying rattle and clanging of the door while it opens and closes. The motor vibration passes through the opener’s support structure leading to the home framing and drywall.  Here are some helpful tips to reduce this.

Rubber Padding

According to garage door repair experts, the motor accounts for about 90% of the noise.  Rubber can absorb and softens the vibration produced. This is helpful when the motor is connected directly to joists in the ceiling or to steel framing that bridges the gap between the ceiling and the motor. Rubber washers cut from scrap rubber may be used for this purpose.  Even thin pieces of padding about 1/8 to ¼ inch thick feature vibration reducing properties.  Inserting rubber pad at each point that the track connects to the ceiling may reduce vibration more.

Connecting Bolts

Bolts and nuts that hold the garage door in place may loosen over time in large part due to the large vibration. Once loose, the bolts also vibrate which causes metal-to-metal contact. Check carefully the framework that holds the system in place, securely tightening the bolts and nuts along the way.  Check also the bolts holding the rollers securely onto the door. Usually these are held by carriage bolts of which the heads are located on the exterior side of the door. Tighten but do not over tighten as the carriage bolt head can tear easily through the door.

Door Rollers

garage door sensorsGarage door installation experts agree that the door rollers are most probably the culprits in door vibration, as the rollers tend to rattle and vibrate within their tracks.  The movement increases the noise level that shows up as a symptom of vibration. The fact that the tracks are much wider than the rollers within them, there is little if any adjustment that can be done. A possible solution would be to ask your technician for nylon or plastic rollers, which can absorb vibration more effectively in the same vein as the rubber pads.

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Knowing the Key People to Building your Custom Home

When you first gazed at a set of blueprints, you already know that you will need to work with a builder in order to convert these plans into something solid.  What you may not have known at the time that the builder is just one piece of a large puzzle.  Aside from the builder, you will need to deal with subcontractors, local architect, and mortgage broker, interior designer, planning and zoning authorities as well as city and town inspectors.

2015 American homeUnless you are wealthy and have the money already set, your construction cannot begin without adequate financing.  Homebuilder Plymouth MN specialists recommend that you look for a reputable construction loan through a mortgage broker or banker.  Aside from the money, you also need to talk to authorities in your local community represented by a planning and zoning board to ensure your building meets with local standards and regulations. The officials will review and approve your plan which will net you’re a building permit to start construction.

While it is true that an architect can take care of any structural changes you will require for the home, an interior designer is the one responsible for assisting in the décor choices. If you have a certain look that you want to achieve but do not know how to go about it, the interior designer can help you in this regard.

While you may have contact with these professionals at different stages of the construction, the bulk of communication will rest with the builder.  According to custom homebuilder Shorewood Minnesota experts, it is best to have the builder take charge in hiring the subcontractors as they know who to recommend and who to avoid.

Over the course of construction, the builder will have city or town inspectors come in to verify that the home is compliant with all necessary building codes. If this is so, a Certificate of Occupancy will be issued which deems the home structurally sound and habitable.

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Designing a Logic Circuit

In electronics, circuits operate thru the use of different combinations of five-volt and zero-volt signals that represent the electronic state of “on” (5 volts) or “off (zero volts). These two states are also represented using the binary numbers 1 and 0.  According to PARCAM with EXT viewer experts, Boolean algebra was utilized in order to perform calculations using the binary numbers and the process of digital logic.  These in turn influence greatly the design of the circuit using electronic components called logic gates that use logic calculations embedded in the real circuit.

When designing a logic circuit the first thing that needs to be done is to write all of the electronic events that will happen on the circuit. A good example to use will be three events like running motor, running fan and a lighted LED screen.    Phototooling toolbox specialists recommend that you write which events that are “input and which “output.” Separating the action of the outcome will help you in the process. When the fan and the motor are both running, the LED should light up. The motor and the fan movements are actions and the LED is the outcome of that. The motor and fan are inputs and the LED is the output.

Write each input combination of the fan (f) and motor (m), using “1” for “on” and “0” for “off.” In this case, there will be four input combinations (f0 m0, f1 m0, f0 m1, f1 m1).

Write the desired LED (L) output for each input combination (f0 m0 = L0, f1 m0 = L0, f0 m1 = L0, f1 m1 = L1).

The next step would be to determine the “truth table” on the AND gate data sheet and compare it to the “logic” combinations of the motor, fan and LED. Moreover, do a comparison of the number of inputs and outputs. For instance, a two-input, one-output AND gate is a match.

Make a sketch of the electrical operation of the circuit. The motor and fan will be connected to the inputs of the AND gate and the LED to the output of the gate. The LED will only light (receive five volts) when both inputs of the gate receive five-volt signals from the motor and the fan.

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Proper Maintenance of Sewage Lagoons

Known as a large pond into which sewage and other effluent from the sewage system flows, sewage lagoons provide and indispensable role in waste management and protection of the ecosystem.  According to gas collection covers experts, sewage lagoons also go by the name of effluent ponds.  Bacteria breaks down the sewage and effluent while the sun and wind provide light, warmth and oxygen necessary for the proliferation of bacteria. Here are some proper maintenance procedures for a sewage lagoon system.

lagoon coversIn order for a lagoon to properly break down the sewage correctly as well as to ensure that it remains safe for health reasons it should meet the following parameters:

  • Lagoons should not be more than 1 meter deep
  • The banks need to be sloped at approximately 15 to 20 degrees and should at least be made of concrete, rock or gravel. This will prevent the wave action from eroding the banks
  • No grass, trees and other vegetation on the surrounding area
  • Water must be free of any debris or vegetation which will prevent the lagoon’s surface wave action
  • Lagoon covers need to be used in order to prevent animals or people from falling

Signs that a lagoon is not maintained correctly:

  • Eroded or damaged lagoon banks
  • Lagoons not angled at 15-20 degrees
  • Presence of trees and other vegetation in its immediate surrounding space
  • Bad odors emitted by lagoon
  • Water that is not light or green color
  • Presence of still sections
  • Presence of mosquitoes breeding on the surface
  • Presence of debris and other rubbish
  • Swampy presence nearby probably caused by overflow and can cause additional mosquito breeding grounds

If there is one lagoon in the sewage disposal system, it will create an overflow located directly opposite where the pipe carrying the sewage enters the lagoon.  The overflow releases water from the system which has not been removed by evaporation.  Overflows should not create swampy or flooded areas that can contribute to mosquito proliferation or contaminate drinking water or the environment.

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On Changing the Code of your Garage Door Opener

garage door safetyAside from providing a suitable shelter for your car and a place to store your stuff and other knick knacks, garages offer an easy access to homes which can also be a security risk for possible break-ins.  One sure way of ensuring the safety of your home is to change the code on your garage door opener regularly.  According to garage door Coon Rapids MN experts, changing the code is not only easy but provides an additional layer of security and peace of mind for your family.

Check with your garage door manual and follow specific instructions from there on how to change the code. If you do not have this at the moment, remove the cover of your garage door remote control and then look for the code wheel within the remote. The wheel is similar to the one you find in the actual garage door opener.  Select a new code and then reset the opener.

Next step is to climb up to your garage door opener and look for the code wheel.  Reset the code in order to match the new code on the remote opener.  If for some reason you are unable to find the code wheel, consult the manufacturer website to determine its location.

Finally, reprogram any vehicle internal access remotes to align with the new code.

According to Garage Door Ham Lake MN experts, changing the code on your garage door regularly is an important measure to prevent possible home break-ins.  If you have an older garage door opener it may be wise to upgrade to the latest technology that can help provide more security for your home.  Thieves are getting more skilled in hacking older systems and it is in your best interest to cover this loophole as soon as you can.

Check out also more sophisticated systems that automatically change the code of the door each time you use it. This will ensure that lucky guesses by thieves can be prevented much more effectively.

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Worship Night

people prayingWorship night is a way by which you can participate with the congregation and the community to worship God and give thanks for all his blessings.  Dedicating a night of worship in the middle of a busy work week or relaxing weekend is a good way of expressing praise and thankfulness as well as developing your faith for the almighty. Here are some things you need to integrate on your worship night with the congregation.

Congregational Prayer

A night of worshipping God should begin and end with a congregational prayer. Provide church pens and paper in each pew and ask the congregation to write down prayer requests for themselves and offer these during the congregation prayer.  The pastoral staff and its members may take turns in reading the requests.  Provide time for silent prayer and a time when members can come forward in the service to receive direct prayer from a congregation member.  A good suggestion would be to breakdown the group into smaller ones in order to allow the congregation to support each other in their needs.

Praise Reports

It is always a spiritual lift and very encouraging to hear answered prayers.  Do ask congregation members for updates on situations from past services or ask them to tell everyone about answered prayers.  Learning how God answers prayers or has intervened in a situation for others builds faith in the entire group.  Do take some time providing thanks for the timely intervention and the answered prayers in our life.

Words of Encouragement

Provide a reading of scripture verses and other words of encouragement for people that attend the night worship service. Select scripture that coincides with a particular thematic element for the night and match a song selection.  Give away a visitor package that features the program along with church sticky notes that have the words of encouragement written so people can stick them onto their desks or refrigerators and look at them anytime they need a lift.

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Potty Training your Pet Dog

dog boarding 1There is a reason why dogs are considered man’s best friend.  They provide true companionship, loyalty and love for their owners.  However, caring for your new pet requires some responsibility like potty training. According to dog boarding Maple Grove specialists, different dogs respond better to different approaches to training and before he is able to master it, accidents do occur inside the home.  Here are some useful potty training advice for new dog owners.


Dog owners can use clickers which can help signify that your pet has done something right.  Clickers allow dog owners to create a distinctive sound each time their pet relieves itself in the right or wrong place.  It is important however to emphasize that the sound made should have the same meaning all throughout so that the dog will notice the pattern and try to please his owner. Dog boarding kennel Elk River specialists recommend providing rewards each time your pet successfully uses the outdoors as their restroom.  You can give them a treat or a toy each time they do the right thing.

Use of Pads

New dog owners can also use pads that can be placed outside the house and used each time the dog is showing signs that they need to relieve themselves. The potty training pads are created to attract dogs and can assist puppies in gaining structure in their daily routine.

Using Signals and Words

Puppies can be trained using a variety of signals and words. The idea is if the same hand gesture and words are repeated and signify the same results all the time, they will be able to learn what it means and follow accordingly. If one specific word or signal is used, go outside and make sure the puppy is able to take care of its business. Do this consistently and the dog will soon catch up and head to the door upon its mere utterance.

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Easy Guide to Adding a Wireless Remote Feature to a Garage Door

A wireless remote for a garage door opener allows a level of convenience that could help ensure not only your safety but also make it possible to get different useful applications altogether.  For instance, a wireless system has better tamper resistant abilities than hard-wired ones.  A lot of units also offer temporary passwords that you can provide friends and family. According to garage door Otsego MN experts, advanced units even have a revolving security code that changes every time the unit is used.

You will need to buy a wireless entry system that is compatible with your opener.  It is recommended that you check each specific unit in order to know which one is compatible with the make and model of your door. The wireless entry system will give you the ability to input a PIN that can activate the opener in the event you forgot or misplaced the remote transmitter.


The next step is to select a location.  According to Garage door Rogers MN experts, the location needs to be somewhere that provides protection from the elements and must be mounted with the appropriate height.  If kids will have access to it, then it should be placed a bit lower.


One a location is selected you will now need to mount it properly. Most units come with just a couple of screws so it is very easy to do. Just make sure it is secured to the wall.  If you are mounting on brick or masonry, you will need to pre-drill holes or use special screws to do so.

Programming the Keypad

Depending on the type of model opener your home has, you will need to determine how the programming is done. On most units there is a learn feature to activate the keypad.  Wireless systems need to sync with the garage door as there are no direct wires connecting them.


Set the PIN and test the unit. Once you enter the PIN the door should open or close depending on the position.

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